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How to slow down aging

Can we really stop the clock, or at least slow it down when it comes to aging? Here’s an interesting piece that tells us yes!  Take a look: Source: How Telomeres Affect Aging

The Unexpected Retirement – Consumer Reports

Sometimes your best-laid plans just get turned upside down.  The most prudent retirement strategy in the world won’t apply when illness, a family emergency, or other life event forces an unexpected retirement.  What to do?  Consumer Reports has some advice: Source: The Unexpected Retirement – Consumer Reports

FREE Music Lessons at the Spokane Public Library!

Can you believe this? Our wonderful library is offering free guitar, bass, or drum private lessons.  And if that weren’t enough, they will provide the instrument for your lessons.  Come on, folks, we are now out of excuses…  let’s play!   Source: Lessons @ the Library | Spokane Public Library

What Will Senior Housing Look Like in 2028?

Big changes are coming, because boomers have higher expectations as consumers.” Boy, is that the truth!  We have the opportunity (and the challenge) to turn the senior living model on its ear.  Read this, and let’s get active! Source: What Will Senior Housing Look Like in 2028?