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Starting a Business After 50

Many boomers and seniors are starting their own businesses, and are rewarded with a new sense of purpose and satisfaction.  But the road to financial success as an entrepreneur can be really bumpy.  Here are some recommendations to help you out:   Source: Starting a Business After 50

What Should I Do Next?

happy senior woman at home relaxing in the kitchenThe author of ‘It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again’ offers four creativity tools to help you answer the question: What should I do next? Whether you are recently retired or a boomer stuck in a job you hate, there is good advice here. Source: What Should I Do Next?

Finally, the Ridpath renovation may be a reality!

Spokane HorizontalMuch going on downtown, and if you look past the annoying road repairs you’ll see many new projects underway or recently completed.  It’s pretty amazing, and there is no more tangled story than the resurrection of the Ridpath Hotel building.  Shawn Vestal reports some promising news today – take a look, and we’ll keep you posted!  Source: Shawn Vestal: Finally, Ridpath renovation may be a reality, part of ‘generational transformation’ of downtown | The Spokesman-Review

How to Find a Flexible Job

donna computerMany boomers and seniors want to keep working, but long for more forgiving schedules and flexible hours.   Can you make that happen for yourself?  This article has some good ideas that just might free you up!  Source: How to Find a Flexible Job

Why I Hate the Word ‘Retirement’

New Paradigm AheadThe author of this article takes great exception to the word “retirement”, and makes some good points in the process.  Our generation is turning the concept on its head, examining new ways to approach and enjoy free time.  Are there ideas here that you might use?  How do you feel about the R- word?

Source: Why I Hate the Word ‘Retirement’