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How Can We Keep People Out of Nursing Homes?

I live in a senior building, and this is a common topic and top concern among my neighbors.   Nobody wants to go to a nursing home or even the slightly less alarming alternative, assisted living.  Around here they call it “the next phase”.  I see a very fine line between when a person can live independently and when they are no longer able to stay safe alone.  Often, the stopgap is some form of in-home care, and that can make a huge difference.  Let’s hope that some of the innovative programs detailed in this article help, so we can all age with grace and dignity.  Source: How Can We Keep People Out of Nursing Homes?

The Social Security Program for People With Dementia

Are you trying to help a family member or friend with dementia? Little-known government Representative Payees might be the answer to many financial problems.  Take a look! Source: The Social Security Representative Payee Program

When to Consider Hospice Care

Nobody likes to think about hospice,  but it’s good to research what it’s all about before you or a loved one needs them.   Hospice care can make a huge difference in the quality of life for those in their last days, and services are often covered by insurance.  Why not read this good article and tuck it away till it’s needed?  Source: When to Consider Hospice Care – Consumer Reports

Elder Care and Assisted Living: Consumer Reports Overview

Sooner or later, for ourselves or our loved ones, it’s going to come up.  What is the difference between assisted living and nursing home care? What are the options for paying for it?  Here’s a good discussion from a source we have learned to trust – Consumer Reports.  Source: Elder Care and Assisted Living: Who Will Care for You? – Consumer Reports

Healthy, happy aging advice

Well, the actual tittle of the article is advice for women, but I think it applies to both sexes and probably most of the Senior Spokane peeps.  We’re always looking for ways to improve our experiences, and these days we must do that through the prism of advancing ages.  There’s a whole new demographic of folks in their sixties, seventies, and beyond literally having the time of their lives.  Can it be you? Source: Healthy, happy aging advice for women