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Volunteer Spokane

Are you thinking about getting more involved in your community, or wanting to find some purposeful work to give shape to your days?  Here’s a great way to browse  volunteer opportunities that are available right now.  Source: Volunteer Spokane

Chorus for People With Dementia

Music backgroundMany of our lives have been touched by Alzheimer’s, and we all at least know someone who has this awful brain disease in their family.  While we watch hopefully for the medical community to come up with a cure or even a stop-gap, there are things that can be done to ease the suffering of the patient and their caregivers.  This story describes the use of music to lighten the load and lift the spirits of everyone involved.  Follow the link for a lovely story, and perhaps you’ll be moved to begin a Giving Voice Chorus yourself!  Source: Chorus for People With Dementia

Senior Centers in Spokane -Not Just for Bingo Anymore!

Three women in living room talking and smilingHave you visited one of our many senior centers lately?  If not, you may want to check them out – today’s centers are hubs for entertainment, education, hobbies, travel, and lots more.  Make a friend, take a class, or go dancing to live music… it is all possible, and here’s a complete listing to get you started! Source: Community and Senior Centers in Spokane, WA

9 Ways to Improve Spokane’s Economic Health

Clock Tower in Riverfront park, Spokane, Washington

Many of us are retired or cutting back on our working hours, and this gives us the time to support causes that we care about.  Why not make our beautiful city and its future our pet project?  We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, and our particular table needs some serious assistance.   This article from SpokanePlanner suggests nine specific ways that we might boost our local economy.  Do you agree with some or all of them? Can you help? What other local issues need your time and expertise?  Source: 9 Ways to Improve Spokane’s Economic Health