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FREE Music Lessons at the Spokane Public Library!

Can you believe this? Our wonderful library is offering free guitar, bass, or drum private lessons.  And if that weren’t enough, they will provide the instrument for your lessons.  Come on, folks, we are now out of excuses…  let’s play!   Source: Lessons @ the Library | Spokane Public Library

The Surprising Health Benefits of Drumming

I know for a fact that there are drumming classes here in Spokane – a friend met the love of her life that way!  “Studies show drumming can improve your health, banish depression and even help with symptoms of Parkinson’s”  Source: The Surprising Health Benefits of Drumming

Community Resource Directory

Here’s a great online resource to connect you with local services, opportunities, community events, and much more.  Well worth a bookmark!  Source: Community Resource Directory – Help Topics, Volunteering, and Things to Do

Adding the Arts to Elder Care

The evidence is building – the arts are an important component to our well-being.  So it just figures that comprehensive creative options are gaining popularity in senior centers, retirement homes, and just about anyplace where older folks are living.  Here’s a good look at the movement, and some ideas that might apply to your family situation! Source: Adding the Arts to Elder Care