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Why Americans Are Embracing Communal Living

Are you intrigued by the concept of co-housing?  Some of use tried communal living back in the day, but don’t let old tapes stop you from considering a different way to live now.  Here’s a good overview and some suggestions to consider: Source: Why Americans of All Ages Are Embracing Communal Living

How Can We Keep People Out of Nursing Homes?

I live in a senior building, and this is a common topic and top concern among my neighbors.   Nobody wants to go to a nursing home or even the slightly less alarming alternative, assisted living.  Around here they call it “the next phase”.  I see a very fine line between when a person can live independently and when they are no longer able to stay safe alone.  Often, the stopgap is some form of in-home care, and that can make a huge difference.  Let’s hope that some of the innovative programs detailed in this article help, so we can all age with grace and dignity.  Source: How Can We Keep People Out of Nursing Homes?

The retired women who built their own community

Are you interested in co-housing or other creative ways to live in retirement? Many of us are, and this article has some encouraging, inspiring words.  Source: Sisters are doing it for themselves: the retired women who built their own community

Signs A Loved One May Need Assisted Living

This is a toughie.  Our loved ones want to stay in their homes as long as is possible, but at a certain point it is just not safe.  How do you know when that time has come? Here are some clues that can be a big help.  Don’t wait till there is a serious accident or unattended illness!   Source: Signs Your Parent May Need Assisted Living

CAPABLE Program Helping Older Adults With Aging At Home

Aging at home – after all, isn’t that what the vast majority of us want?  How do we avoid nursing homes or assisted living without overburdening our loved ones? And our generation is full of “elder orphans”, people who did not have children and really have no family to turn to in a health crisis.  It’s time for innovative thinking, and the program described in this article is one of the best we’ve seen.  A comprehensive, creative approach to managing resources is the key, and we boomers are the perfect folks to make it happen.  Read on!  Source: CAPABLE Program Helping Older Adults With Aging At Home