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Adding the Arts to Elder Care

The evidence is building – the arts are an important component to our well-being.  So it just figures that comprehensive creative options are gaining popularity in senior centers, retirement homes, and just about anyplace where older folks are living.  Here’s a good look at the movement, and some ideas that might apply to your family situation! Source: Adding the Arts to Elder Care

Retirement Communities Get Creative

painterdesktopCo-housing is certainly not new – remember The Golden Girls? Pooling resources and sharing common areas help retirees avoid isolation and save money.  The newest trend in co-housing goes beyond the practical, however. Like-minded musicians and artists are creating communities that stimulate creativity as well.  Could this concept work for you? Here’s a good article that explores the possibilities: Source: Retirement communities get creative

Senior Centers in Spokane -Not Just for Bingo Anymore!

Three women in living room talking and smilingHave you visited one of our many senior centers lately?  If not, you may want to check them out – today’s centers are hubs for entertainment, education, hobbies, travel, and lots more.  Make a friend, take a class, or go dancing to live music… it is all possible, and here’s a complete listing to get you started! Source: Community and Senior Centers in Spokane, WA

Be a Day Tripper!

PDO cruise Manito Garden-1The Southside Senior Community Center has a great day trip planned for you.  How about a Lake Pend Oreille Cruise, a picnic lunch, and a visit to the Bird Museum of Flight and Invention? At just  $49 per person and with transportation included, this has to be the best travel value we’ve seen in a long time.   Call 509-535-0803 now for reservations – don’t miss the boat!    Welcome to Spokane’s Southside Senior and Community Center.