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The True Cost of Gray Divorce

None of us want to think about it, but the divorce rate among older Americans is on the rise.  And whatever the reason, financial issues are thorny and difficult to work through.  If you or a friend are looking at a split, be sure to be prepared for the financial ramifications:   Source: The True Cost of Gray Divorce

What’s Your Money IQ?

Wondering how savvy you are about money, credit, and savings?  AARP has us covered with a quiz.  See how you score!  Source: What’s Your Money IQ? Credit and Savings – Trivia Quiz, Credit Card – AARP Ev…

The Social Security Program for People With Dementia

Are you trying to help a family member or friend with dementia? Little-known government Representative Payees might be the answer to many financial problems.  Take a look! Source: The Social Security Representative Payee Program

When to Consider Hospice Care

Nobody likes to think about hospice,  but it’s good to research what it’s all about before you or a loved one needs them.   Hospice care can make a huge difference in the quality of life for those in their last days, and services are often covered by insurance.  Why not read this good article and tuck it away till it’s needed?  Source: When to Consider Hospice Care – Consumer Reports

Delivery service to serve many Spokane area households

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to shop.  Or maybe you’re recovering from an injury and can’t drive at the moment.  Whatever the reason, delivery services are all the rage, and a new one is ready to start serving our area.  And, it’s not only about groceries!  Take a look:  Source: Delivery service Instacart ready to serve many Spokane area households | The Spokesman-Review