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New Shingles Vaccine FAQ|

Have you heard about the new shingles vaccine?  None of us want to get this painful illness,  and there are now two preventatives available.  Do you need both the old and the new vaccine? Will your insurance pay? How about Medicare? Take a look: Source: New Shingles Vaccine FAQ | Shingrix – Consumer Reports

All the Spokane Numbers You Need

Thanks to the Inlander for a comprehensive list of who to call for just about any problem or question you might have.  Keep this one handy!  Source: The Numbers You Need | Annual Report | The Pacific Northwest Inlander | News, Politics, Music, Calendar, Events in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the Inland Northwest

The Unmistakable Freedom of Contentment and How to Find It

Contentment.   After the drama, the chaos, and the many life changes that got us here, many boomers and seniors are seeking a new calm.  What is contentment, and how does one achieve it?  This article offers six keys to finding your most contented self.  Source: The Unmistakable Freedom of Contentment and How to Find It

Medicare? Make Sure Your Medical Treatment Is Covered

Is your doctor recommending an expensive test or procedure?  He may assume your Medicare plan will cover it, but you shouldn’t.  Changes to Medicare mean that you may need prior authorization or be subject to a heft copay.  Consumer Reports tells us what to look for:   Source: Make Sure Your Medical Treatment Is Covered – Consumer Reports

What’s Your Money IQ?

Wondering how savvy you are about money, credit, and savings?  AARP has us covered with a quiz.  See how you score!  Source: What’s Your Money IQ? Credit and Savings – Trivia Quiz, Credit Card – AARP Ev…