Part Time Jobs for Boomers and Seniors

Personal Income Tax StressAre money worries getting you down?  Are you at loose ends and afraid you retired too soon?  There are options – AARP has researched the part time job market for boomers and seniors, and the results are encouraging.  Don’t wait to get deeper in debt or more bored, follow the link and find a new opportunity! Source: Part Time Jobs for Boomers – AARP

Hospice: What is it and when is it for you?

mind, body, spirit, soul and youThe one thing we know for sure is that none of us is going to avoid dying.  And many times, that death follows a long illness that taxes the resources of our loved ones at a time when they are already in deep distress.  What do you really know about hospice care? My own family has had very positive experiences with hospice, and it seems a shame that everyone doesn’t know what a wonderful resource it can be.  CNN takes a good look at what you can, and can’t expect: Source: Hospice: What is it and when is it for you? –

7 Habits That Wreck Your Feet

jumpintonatureHow long has it been since you really thought about your feet?  They’re aging, too, and we need to take care of them.  In this article, experts share the most common mistakes that harm your feet and ways to fix them.Source: 7 Habits That Wreck Your Feet – Next Avenue

You May Get More From Social Security Than You Think

Tax preparationReady for some good news?  According to Next Avenue, you might get about $35,000 more from Social Security than you expect due to two inaccurate assumptions in Social Security’s benefit estimate calculations.   What would those be?  Follow the link and see for yourself!  Source: You May Get More From Social Security Than You Think

9 Ways to Improve Spokane’s Economic Health

Clock Tower in Riverfront park, Spokane, Washington

Many of us are retired or cutting back on our working hours, and this gives us the time to support causes that we care about.  Why not make our beautiful city and its future our pet project?  We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, and our particular table needs some serious assistance.   This article from SpokanePlanner suggests nine specific ways that we might boost our local economy.  Do you agree with some or all of them? Can you help? What other local issues need your time and expertise?  Source: 9 Ways to Improve Spokane’s Economic Health

Retirement Experts Tell Us What Surprised Them

New Paradigm AheadWe all look to the experts when it comes to prudent planning for our futures, so this article should have extra credibility.  In in, four well-respected financial planners tell us what surprised them when it was their turn to retire.  Interesting read! Source: Retirement Surprises That Surprised Retirement Experts

Healthy Vegetable Nutrition Chart

Woman measuring her bodyDo you get brain freeze whenever someone tells you that you need more Vitamin D, or A, or even Zinc?  Good intentions get us exactly nowhere, but this handy chart tells you which veggies deliver the exact nutrients to keep you healthy and wise.  (Note we did not promise wealthy.)  Take a look, and take it along the next time you go shopping! Source: Healthy Vegetable Nutrition Chart: vitamins minerals nutrients vegetables