Kendall Yards adds Veraci Pizza

Fresh italian pizzaOur friends at Kendall Yards have added yet another restaurant to the mix.  Veraci Pizza opened this week, with a great menu featuring true Italian-style pizza and a deck with an amazing view of the Spokane River and downtown.  If the name sounds familiar, perhaps you’ve sampled some of Veraci’s delicious pies from their food cart at a local farmer’s market or two.  Don’t take our word for it, here’s what The Inlander had to say!   A Home of Their Own | Food & Drink | The Pacific Northwest Inlander | News, Politics, Music, Calendar, Events in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the Inland Northwest.

Can I Write My Own Will?

Estate planning capital wills trusts word tag cloud illustrationThere we are again, haranguing at you about end of life planning.  If you’ve taken care of all of this, move on.  But if you are one of the many procrastinators who keep saying, “someday”, maybe today is the day.  Money Talks Newsletter offers us a good overview, links to services that can facilitate the task, and answers the title question once and for all.   Curious? Ask Stacy: Can I Write My Own Will? | Money Talks News.

New! Senior Spokane Showcase

North East South West Signpost Showing Travel Or DirectionSenior Spokane peeps are vibrant, talented folks who are intent on living full and rewarding lives.  Yes, that’s you!  We’d like to invite you to share your creativity and passions in our new Senior Spokane Showcase.  We’ll consider photos, artwork, stories, poetry, entrepreneurial adventures, or just about anything within reason.   Drop us a little note describing what you have , and we’ll get right back to you – send us your stuff!

Spokane Rising – Really!

towerHave you been one of those people who look at the nasty eyesore on Third and Division and shake your head?  What a disgraceful way for Spokane to greet visitors, we say.  A damned shame.  Spokesman-Review columnist Shawn Vestal tells us about a movement afoot that is tackling this problem and many more.  These innovative young people have launched a campaign to make our city even better – now those of us who have been doing the head-shaking need to step up and support them!  Young creative types take greater interest in Spokane – – July 18, 2014.

New Reverse Mortgage Rules Protect Widow(er)s From Eviction

GamblingThe whole concept of reverse mortgages is intriguing – and complicated – to many homeowners trying to make their retirement dollars stretch.  There is a lot to consider, but the federal government is about to make changes that take away at least one major concern.  Is it time to think about, or perhaps, revisit, this option?  Money Talks examines the pros and cons -New Reverse Mortgage Rules Protect Widow(er)s From Eviction | Money Talks News.

KJRB Launches Boomer Radio

Vintage radioIf you are a boomer or a senior who grew up in Spokane, you remember the days when KJRB radio was the place to tune for our favorite music.  Today, KJRB is launching Boomer Radio, which will present four hours of talk Monday through Saturday geared toward the lucrative boomer market.  Emphasis will be placed on topics that engage us – from finance to lifestyles to home improvement, with a dose of fun thrown in for good measure.   For more information, see this article from the Spokesman-Review:   KJRB Radio launches talk format aimed at boomers – – July 14, 2014.