In praise of older women . . . 60 Women at 60

Woman Wearing a Top hat

How do we see ourselves as we pass the sixty year mark?  An enterprising  artist has  photographed and interviewed sixty women in their sixties, asking how they feel about themselves and their appearance as they age.

It evolved into a stage production as well as an exhibit, and if you follow the link below you can see actual photos and hear more about this project.   It’s quite inspirational! Source: In praise of older women . . . » The Gisborne Herald | Gisborne’s latest News, Sport, Family Notices, Photos and Events

South Hill’s Artistic Haven

painterdesktopFor all my artistic friends – did you know about this treasure trove up on the South Hill? I bet lots of us have passed it for years, never knowing that there’s a world of creativity and inspiration right inside that front door.  Thanks to The Inlander for spreading the word!  For more info and the address see: :Source: Oddity | South Hill’s Haven | Arts & Culture | The Pacific Northwest Inlander | News, Politics, Music, Calendar, Events in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the Inland Northwest

10 Ways to Let Go of the Need to Control 

Woman prayingBy now we’ve all heard that letting go of the need to control is a key to true serenity.  But just exactly how do you do that?  Here are ten ways to hone your skills. Take a look!   Source: 10 Ways to Let Go of the Need to Control | Lauren Stahl

Hidden Spokane: A Photojournalist’s Perspective

Clock Tower in Riverfront park, Spokane, Washington

Starting Monday, May 18, KREM 2 News will be highlighting the Lilac City’s lesser-known wonders—parts of Spokane that rarely see the light of day. Jenica Villamor, Frances Wang, Raishad Hardnett will be exploring basements, vaults, and abandoned structures on KREM 2 Morning News to decode secret messages, traverse ruins, and search for tunnels underneath downtown.Each story will be posted online the afternoon after it airs, so keep checking back for another glimpse at Hidden Spokane.  Check it out!   Source: Hidden Spokane: Lesser-known wonders of the Lilac City

Secret Numbers As Important As Your Credit Score

money backgroundWell, this is a surprise.  Most of us have become pretty savvy about knowing and managing our credit scores, but it turns out there’s another measurement used by potential lenders, employers, or more.  These secret numbers may determine whether you get a mortgage or a job – and we should all be aware of how they are collected and determined.  Here’s the info:   Source: Secret Numbers As Important As Your Credit Score | Next Avenue

Chicken Challenge – There’s a New Bird in Town!

Multi Generation Family Eating Lunch At Kitchen TableHey, Spokane chicken fans, there’s a new source in town!  The Inlander compares a new arrival to one of our most popular spots for down-home chicken with all the fixings.  Maybe you need to do some research on your own!   Source: Chicken Challenge | Food & Drink | The Pacific Northwest Inlander | News, Politics, Music, Calendar, Events in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the Inland Northwest

The Ridpath: Update and Exclusive Look Inside

Spokane HorizontalAre you curious about what’s happening with the Ridpath renovation? Developer Ron Wells sat down with KHQ News recently, and here’s a link to the interview.  Downtown Spokane is thriving again, folks! Source: The Ridpath: Exclusive look inside the historic Spokane landmark – Spokane, North Idaho News & Weather