7 Stretches That Help Ease Neck and Back Pain

Senior women jogging.Oh, that aching back………. or neck——- what a royal pain!  Here are some easy,fixes to try before you call the chiropractor or reach for the pain pills.  Source: 7 Stretches That Help Ease Neck and Back Pain

Different Ways to Handle Grief

Senior and young holding hands

Grief – it comes to all of us, and as we age we are faced with it more often.  The author of this article takes a look at different ways to handle grief, with practical suggestions that make a lot of sense.  If you’ve lost someone dear, or have a friend who is dealing with grief now, follow the link: Source: Different Ways to Handle Grief

The Advantages of Growing Older

Three women in living room talking and smilingWell, the obvious advantage of getting older is clearly the alternative,  But once past that, sometimes it is easy to overlook the many benefits that come with our silver hair and Social Security deposits.  For a refresher course in gratitude, follow this link!  Source: The Advantages of Growing Older

Should You See a Doctor by Video?

Senior Man Using Laptop On Desk At HomeDo you hate scheduling and showing up for your doctor visits? Are there times when you just have a pretty basic concern, and think it could be handled online?  Video appointments are becoming a thing, for sure – but are they a good thing for you?  Read this before you decide: Source: Should You See a Doctor by Video?

Quotes from Inspiring Women

Believe word cloudPBS has produced a film called  “The Women’s List”,  which consists of interviews with 15 influential, accomplished women.   This article gives us quotes from each one, and some may surprise you.  For a look at photos and wise words from these amazing role models, follow the link:  Source: Quotes from Inspiring Women | The Women’s List

4 Traits of the Happiest Retirees

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Now, here is an interesting article.  A career coach has taken a look at what really works for retirees, and offers four common traits of those who are the happiest.  None of these are attached to a large bank account or glamorous foreign travel – and all can be acquired by changing our self-talk and attitudes.  Curious? : Source: Traits of the Happiest Retirees — Next Avenue

Want to start a business? Read this first!

Rustic wooden sign with the word - VisionMany boomers and seniors are thinking of becoming entrepreneurs, and we certainly can bring wisdom, experience, and talent to whatever we do.  But choosing the right business idea is not as simple as “do what you love and the money will follow”.  Next Avenue offers some advice on how – or even whether- to get started.  Source: How to Find the Idea for Starting a Business