Ridpath project update

Spokane cliff parkHave you been keeping one eye on the Ridpath, hoping against hope that developer Ron Wells would be able to make his dreams for this faded landmark come true? It’s been a long time coming, but there seems to be some encouraging news and it’s all about the financing.  The Inlander provides an update : Ridpath project cost comes down, poses less risk thanks to funding switch | Bloglander | The Pacific Northwest Inlander | News, Politics, Music, Calendar, Events in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the Inland Northwest.

5 Secrets to Transform Your Experience of Aging

happy senior woman at home relaxing in the kitchen

Ed Merck offers his five secrets to aging gracefully in an article for Next Avenue.   We found one of them particularly interesting:  “Practice equanimity. Many spiritual paths embrace the state of equanimity as their end point; that blissful place of being engaged without reactivity. Muting our temptation to be judgmental (“I am right, she is wrong.”) is key. Try dropping fully into the moment with as much empathy as is available to you — over and over again.”  For more, and to find links to more from this author, see:  5 Secrets to Transform Your Experience of Aging | Next Avenue.

Dorothy Powers, beloved journalist, dies at 93 – what a gal!

sunset6213Any boomer or senior who has been around Spokane for awhile knows about Dorothy Powers, and natives probably read her articles in the Spokesman-Review for over forty years.  But do you know the  story of the woman behind the bylines?  Looking back at the remarkable life and achievements of this local journalist shows her to be a true pioneer.  The S-R offers this reflection along with a piece she wrote about our Skid Row in the 50’s. :  Powers, beloved journalist, dies at 93 – Spokesman.com – Oct. 19, 2014.  And for the story about Skid Row: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/oct/19/the-row-belongs-to-broken-men-shattered-dreams/

Retired on $30,000 a Year and Loving It

The love of money“Amassing stuff leads to a sinkhole on your road to financial independence. Why not choose a simpler path to happiness?”  These are the words of a couple who has taken a very different approach to life and retirement.  And yes, they really are living well on $30,000 a year, traveling to exotic places and enjoying new adventures every day.  Perhaps their recipe for success isn’t exactly right for you, but we bet that some of the ways they make the most of their money might give you some ideas.  Their story is pretty inspiring: Retired on $30,000 a Year and Loving It | Next Avenue.

12 Counterintuitive Health Tips That Really Work

Doctor talking to senior patientSome of these really do sound strange – drink coffee before a nap? Don’t brush your teeth right after eating? But all twelve tips are backed by medical science, and the rationales are explained in the article.  We’re all looking for lifestyle hacks that can keep us healthy longer, so take a minute and follow the link:  12 Counterintuitive Health Tips That Really Work.

To Kill a Mockingbird and True Grit Top List of Must-Read Novels

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One of the joys of retirement is having time, at long last, to read all those books we’re always meant to.  Here is a really eclectic list of 21 “must read” novels.  Are your favorites here? Are there some you’d like to add to your own list?  Enjoy!

To Kill a Mockingbird and True Grit Top List of Must-Read Novels – AARP.