Nectar Wine and Beer coming to Kendall Yards

Red wineKendall Yards has announced yet another addition to their vibrant, fun neighborhood.  Nectar Wine and Beer, which will be both a retail store and a wine bar, is expected to open in February.  They’ll occupy a primo spot right next to Veraci Pizza,  complete with  a killer view and patio overlooking the river.   If you haven’t been to Kendall Yards recently, take a drive through and see for yourself what an urban development can be when it gets it right . Nectar Wine and Beer coming to Kendall Yards | Bloglander | The Pacific Northwest Inlander | News, Politics, Music, Calendar, Events in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the Inland Northwest.

What Medicare Doesn’t Cover: A Preretiree’s Guide

Doctor talking to senior patientOne of the few benefits of turning 65 is that we are finally eligible for Medicare.  At long last, no more worrying about covering health care costs and finding the right insurance plan.  Right? Well, not so fast.  Medicare will certainly help, but there is a whole lot that is not covered.   Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans offer some solutions, and the time to get yourself educated is before you turn 65.  Next Avenue helps define the issues so that you can make good decisions : What Medicare Doesn’t Cover: A Preretiree’s Guide | Next Avenue.

Reverse mortgages poised for rebound

Toy house and calculator on table close-upReverse mortgages are coming back in a whole new way.  It may be time to take another look at what could be a creative solution to your financial worries.  Your home equity is an asset – could it be put to use to fund a more rewarding retirement?  This article discusses what’s new, and why you might want to find out more: Reverse mortgages poised for rebound – – Sept. 16, 2014.

30 Years Ago They Retired at 35: An Update

senior old man and woman shopping in ItalyWe’re always talking about that retirement nest egg and working as long as we can to ensure our financial future.  But what happens when people try a very different approach?  Next Avenue interviews a 65 year old couple who chose to retire at 35, traveling the world and forgoing a traditional “home base”.   How has it worked for them, and can the rest of us gain some new insights by hearing their story?  Follow the link for a fascinating example of thinking outside of the retirement box: 30 Years Ago They Retired at 35: An Update | Next Avenue.

7 Things Skinny People Eat All The Time

foodontableWe all want to be healthy, and as we get older we are more willing to accept that what we put in our bodies really does matter.  We got away with nutritional murder in our twenties,but that just won’t work anymore.  Next Avenue has assembled a list of seven foods we really should enjoy regularly – and you may be surprised to find some of your favorites on the list! Nuts, popcorn, and much more – take a look and  bon appetit! 7 Things Skinny People Eat All The Time | Next Avenue.

Fall road trip time – how about the San Juan Islands?


What could be a better way to welcome fall than to jump in the car for a road trip?  We in the Pacific Northwest have so many destination choices that it can be tough to pick one, but have you considered the San Juan Islands?  The summer crowds have departed, the leaves are starting to turn, and the days are cool rather than cold.  OregonLive showcases this wonderful part of our state : San Juan Islands idyllic early autumn destination with great weather, light crowds |