The 5 Expenses That Evaporate As Soon As You Retire

savingsYes, you will save money on some expenses when you retire.  Planning requires an accurate and realistic budget, so do yourself a favor and take note of these five:  Source: The 5 Expenses That Evaporate As Soon As You Retire | Huffington Post

Finally, the Ridpath renovation may be a reality!

Spokane HorizontalMuch going on downtown, and if you look past the annoying road repairs you’ll see many new projects underway or recently completed.  It’s pretty amazing, and there is no more tangled story than the resurrection of the Ridpath Hotel building.  Shawn Vestal reports some promising news today – take a look, and we’ll keep you posted!  Source: Shawn Vestal: Finally, Ridpath renovation may be a reality, part of ‘generational transformation’ of downtown | The Spokesman-Review

Are devices hurting your productivity? Could be!

Morning news. Tablet pc, newspaper and cup of coffeeMounting evidence shows that multitasking could impair the brain’s cognitive abilities.  All those “tools” and technological advances meant to make us more efficient might indeed be getting in your way!  Follow the link to find out more: Source: Your devices are probably ruining your productivity. Here’s why

Advance planning: Funeral Costs and Alternatives

sunset6213None of us wants to think about it, but the reality is that we all will be dealing with funeral, burial, or cremation costs at some point.  Doesn’t it make sense to think about this now, when you’re not in crisis?  This article gives some good info that can help jump-start your planning:  Source: This Is How Much An Average Funeral Costs | Huffington Post

Free Seminar on Winning the Game of Life!


A note from Senior Spokane Sponsor Jennifer Ballantyne, Estates and Elders Law LLC 

Save the dates…Thursday, October 20 at Argonne Road Library or Wednesday, November 2 at the North Spokane Library from 6 to 7:30 p.m. for a free seminar… “Are You Winning the Game of Life and Do You Know the Rules?.” I am pleased to be part of a team of professionals in financial planning, tax, real estate, mortgage lending, success coaching, estate planning and elder law who will offer free information and practical tips for navigating your financial and legal life. Bring a friend!


10 Ways To Cope When Life Throws You A Major Curve Ball

mind, body, spirit, soul and youAt some point, we all have to cope with crises and unexpected disasters.  Sometimes we’re overwhelmed, not knowing how to move forward.  This article offers ten suggestions that just might make a big difference.   Source: 10 Ways To Cope When Life Throws You A Major Curve Ball | Huffington Post

7 Ways to Save Money and Budget Smarter

Pink Piggy Bank With CalculatorIs your piggy bank running on empty?  Our friends at AARP have put together a list of ways to save money and budget smarter.  What’s your favorite? Source: 7 Ways to Save Money and Budget Smarter – AARP