Spokane’s Aging & Disabilities Helpline – A Great Resource

donna computerSpokane Helpline, Part of a Statewide Network SpokaneHelpline.org is part of a statewide program called Community Living Connections (CLC), funded in Spokane County by Aging and Long Term Care of Eastern Washington. CLC has been assisting older adults and people with disabilities for over thirty years. Washington State’s Community Living Connections (CLC) is here to help you navigate long-term services and supports for you or a loved one. The CLC is a network of organizations working with you to learn about options and assist you in connecting to services that meet your particular preferences, needs, and circumstances. Spokane Helpline Staff Can Help You: Assess what is important to you Determine goals you have for the future Define your strengths, needs, concerns Develop and implement an action plan.  Source: Community Minded Enterprises | FREE Referrals & Impartial Solutions | Spokane’s Aging & Disabilities Helpline | Spokane, WA

The Benefits of Coloring

mind, body, spirit, soul and youAre you one of those people who feel guilty doing something that seems to yield no tangible result? Many of us struggle with this, and I suspect I am not the only one who has purchased colored pencils and adult coloring books, only to have them languish on the shelf.  Somehow, it seems…….. frivolous? We’re never going to be famous artists or even hang our masterpieces in our own homes, right?  Well, it may be time to push past your resistance and enjoy the many benefits offered by this creative pastime.  For reasons why, and inspiration, follow the link.  I will if you will! Source: The Benefits of Coloring

Surgeries To Avoid – AARP

MedicoNobody likes to think about surgeries, but sometimes there is just no other option. Before you agree, though, read this article from AARP about four specific operations you should give very careful consideration!  Source: Hysterectomy, Spinal Stenosis And More Surgeries To Avoid – AARP

New Personal Finance Apps and Sites

Finance conceptHere’s an update on new finance apps and sites from the recent Finovate conference.  Some are geared for the Millennials, but check out the ones for buying cars and investing.   We all need to spend wisely, right? Source: New Personal Finance Apps and Sites

Should I Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

Senior Man Using Laptop On Desk At HomeThis is one of the thornier issues we face as we age.  Long term care insurance is really expensive, but what happens if you don’t have it? This is the best article we have seen so far on this subject, and it is well worth a read.  Source: Should I Buy Long-Term Care Insurance?

You Can Retire on Social Security: 5 Steps That Change the Game

Personal Income Tax StressOK, this is definitely a worst-case scenario.  The fact is that a surprising percentage of seniors will rely on Social Security as their primary, or even sole, source of income during retirement.  This article offers specific steps to help make that work, and most of them can stretch anyone’s retirement dollars.  Whether you’re frantic or flush, take a look and see if you can use some of these ideas! Source: You Can Retire on Social Security: 5 Steps That Change the Game | Huffington Post

12 Novels Considered the “Greatest Book Ever Written”

Senior Woman Reading a Book at the Park



Summer’s end means less time outdoors, and many of us are looking forward to plunging into books that have been waiting for our attention.  What’s on your list?  These twelve novels are considered to be “the greatest” – have you read any or most of them?  We liked this article because it is more than a list .  It offers good descriptions of each book, which made us take a second look at a few of them.   See what you find!   Source: 12 Novels Considered the “Greatest Book Ever Written” | Britannica.com